First National Taphouse is native Oregonian. Located in southwest Portland, the dining audience is split between the thriving downtown business crowd and the hardworking students of Portland State University. This pub elevates the original Eugene, Oregon concept to the next level of creativity. The SW 5th & College Way pub opens its doors this September, exhibiting the same deep reverence for Oregon’s rich history through its reclaimed wood tables, and the mahogany double French doors originally made in the 1920s.

Drawn to the Eugene location’s history of turn-of-the-century bankers and outlaws, and wanting to stay true to combining old with new, First National Taphouse acquired the vintage doors from a Chicago restaurant that once housed a speakeasy during the prohibition era. Rumor has it that John Dillinger passed through these doors as a guest of the bar in his depression-era heyday.

Owners Steve Master and Tim Weiskind adopted the idea of creating a place where people could enjoy solid beer and food expertise, and refined it based on how they shaped the original location in Eugene. First National Taphouse represents the best of Oregon; from the unexpected ways the kitchen prepares the seasonal produce on the menu to the wide variety of northwest beers and beyond.

Carefully selected beers from breweries across the Pacific Northwest make up the bulk of the 30 taps — along with 400+ bottled beers in the refrigerated coolers from breweries around the world — plus eight fine wines on tap and a full bar focused on whiskey, cocktails and other spirits. The Irish-inspired seasonal menu showcases time-honored yet adventurous dishes, such as a hard cider pork pot roast with sweet peas, shallots, bacon jam and sautéed tendrils or a curry glazed duck with sweet potatoes, piquillo peppers, green onions and mushrooms with buttered kale, is complemented with an ever-evolving special menu focused on thoughtful food and beer pairings.

Come to drink or come to learn; First National Taphouse has a well-trained staff always willing to lead you in the right direction, whether it’s selecting a style of beer or wine by itself or pairing the beverage with a smoked wild salmon BLT. First National Taphouse is a place you’ll want to return to for its treasured food and beer hospitality.